Founded in 1944 and still family-owned and privately held, Mid-States Rubber Products, Inc. remains dedicated to its long-standing mission of providing high quality molded and extruded rubber and plastic products to customers around the world. For over 75 years we have been dedicated to providing our customers with high quality custom product solutions through a range of processes including compression, injection and transfer molding and cold feed extrusion. Additionally, we offer custom formulations and custom mixing of rubber compounds.

Our custom rubber and plastic products range from air ducts and bellows to mounts and caster wheels and are shipped throughout the world to Fortune 500 companies, regional manufacturers, and small businesses.




Mid-States Rubber Products, Inc. Interior“MID-STATES RUBBER PRODUCTS, INC. will provide, and deliver on-time, products that meet or exceed each customer’s quality standards, statutory and regulatory requirements and improve customer satisfaction. Management has committed to work together with its employees, and will provide the necessary resources to attain this goal.”

All employees are responsible for the quality of their work while exercising safety in their workplace and are expected to participate in formal or informal continual improvement projects affecting products, methods of production, safety, quality and efficiency.”