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Injection molded Air Induction Duct

Rubber Air Ducts
Rubber Air Ducts

Mid-States Rubber manufactured the air induction duct shown here for a customer in the automotive truck industry. Working with the customer specifications, we provided design guidance to optimize the manufacturability of this component to save on production and material cost. We recommended an injection molding process to form the intricate convolutes and ports with a high degree of uniformity and consistency, and designed and built the tooling required for its efficient manufacture. Meanwhile, in our in-house compounding and material test laboratory, our technicians developed a 75 durometer, Shore A hardness ethylene acrylic elastomer with the desired combination of properties to meet the performance characteristics of this application.

We molded this component, which features dimensions of 228.6 mm in length, 133.88 mm in width, and 165.1 mm in height, according to standard RMA A3 tolerances for commercial products. Our quality team used a variety of techniques to verify the material properties, and we assembled and shipped them to the customer. We manufactured 46,000 units within the defined 10-week timeframe.

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injection molded Air Induction Duct Specifications:

Product Description
Air Induction Duct
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Material and Compound Development, Injection Molding
75 Durometer Shore A , VAMAC Material
Product Dimensions
228.6 mm X 133.88 mm X 165.1 mm
Special Feature
Convolutes and Ports
Secondary Operations Applied
Assembly, Product Testing
Industry for Use
Automotive Truck
Delivery Time
10 weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
RMA A3, Customer Spec
Design Work
Assisted Design
Drawing Type Accepted
3D Math Data
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